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I’m now very pleased to be able to share the following with you:


As readers of this blog may know, in January I pitched the idea behind This Golden Fleece as a book proposal to Edinburgh literary agent Jenny Brown. This wasn’t a random ambush, but part of the brilliant Tweet Your Pitch competition run by XpoNorth, a writer development agency based in the Scottish Highlands. Jenny signed me to her agency – which represents some of my favourite authors writing in Scotland today including Malachy Tallack, Polly Clark and Kathleen Jamie – and by early April had several publishers interested in the book. I was pretty giddy at having an agent, but seeing publishers from across the world take an interest in my writing required some serious arm-pinching to check it wasn’t all a dream.

I am super, super pleased to announce that This Golden Fleece will be published by Granta Books in 2019. I love so many of the books they publish, and to share a publisher with the likes of Diana Athill, Robert Macfarlane and Madeleine Thien is giddying. Bella Lacey will edit the book, and it should hit the shelves in time for Christmas 2019.

For those of you who want to know more, hope on over The Bookseller, or  take a peak at the press announcement below:

Debut writer wins book deal thanks to XpoNorth New Year Tweet Pitch

In January 2017 Fife-based writer Esther Rutter decided to quit her day job to write and knit her way round the British Isles, combining locally-produced wool and historic knitting patterns to explore UK’s long love affair with wool.

After entering writer development agency’s XpoNorth’s Tweet Your Pitch competition on 6 January 2017 with her idea for This Golden Fleece, Esther attracted the attention of Edinburgh literary agent Jenny Brown. There was a flurry of interest in the book at the London Book Fair, and, after a two-way auction, world rights in the book were won by Bella Lacey, Editorial Director of Granta Books in April. This Golden Fleece is due to be published by Granta Books in Autumn 2019.

Esther Rutter commented: “Tweet Your Pitch is a fantastic initiative, enabling new non-fiction writers like me to grab the attention of publishers and agents with a dash of chutzpah and a good idea. Without this competition it would have taken me much longer to attract not only a well-respected and experienced agent, but also a fantastic publisher and the opportunity to be a Writer in Residence. Thank you XpoNorth for making my long-held dream of becoming a writer into a reality.”

Bella Lacey of Granta said: “I’ve been captivated by Esther Rutter’s absorbing history of wool and her intimate, inspiring mediation of the craft and history of knitting. She’s an instinctive storyteller, with a brilliant eye for detail, and brings startling new, and forgotten, histories to the surface. I’m thrilled to be welcoming her to the Granta list.”

Esther lives in Ceres and has just been awarded a Writer in Residence position at St Andrews University within the School of Geography and Sustainable Development.

Now time to crack open that fizz!


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