Project One Finished!

p1020207The Dentdale gloves are done! Whilst I’ve been gathering gansey wool, needles and patterns to start on February’s project I’ve also been beavering away at the final four fingers of these Yorkshire gloves. Today, with snow falling lightly at home, I put in the final stitch.

What have I learned through making the gloves? Well, I’ve mastered a new method of casting on, creating a neat edge in a contrasting colour (pictured right). I didn’t really think about how I cast on before; this gives a lovely finish to the work and I’ll be keen to learn a few more techniques in the future.

Working on 2mm needles with 2-ply wool TAKES AGES. I’m very much looking forward to working with larger pins and thicker wool – though my guess is that finishing a gansey is going to take much, much longer than this little pair of gloves!

p1020210I’ve had a go at making a gussetted thumb. It was not terribly successful – as evidenced in the snap to the left. The top glove I made using the 1940s technique I’d employed on this V&A-sourced pattern; below is the gussetted version recommended in the pattern. I think I perhaps over-complicated matters by switching wool for the thumb, but needs must, as I didn’t have quite enough wool to complete the full pair in two colours. I guess that’s a problem about as traditional as they come!

I’ve developed a deep and abiding love for adderbacks, and will be using this eye-catchign diamond patterning again in the future. Here’s the finished article:



I’ve also learned A LOT about the Terrible Knitters of Dent – and am absolutely in awe of their speed and skill. I’m keen to make (or exchange filthy lucre for) a knitting sheath and needle holder – let me know if you find one for sale, or are especially handy with a pen knife and piece of leather. I’ll leave you with some genuine Terrible Knitters in this video from a couple of years ago. The sound’s a littly tinny but the stories are well worth a listen – are these truly the last native knitters from the dale?


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